Xxx Room Hidden In The Bathroom With A Brunette Forced To Suck Cock

Xxx Room Hidden In The Bathroom With A Brunette Forced To Suck Cock

We returned with the supplies and prepared the walls for painting.  The removal of wallpaper was tedious but allowed for quite a bit of time to talk.  I felt myself being drawn to her in a way that was beyond the lustful thoughts and visions I experienced through the window.  She was silly and smart.  Her goofy side was displayed and she did not try to hide it from me.  “You do realize that we are not going to finish this today?”  She said after taking a drink of water.“With your rate of speed in prepping the walls, I am not sure it will be finished in a week,”  I retorted with a smile.“Fine, finish it yourself,”  she said bumping me with her hip as she walked by.Without thinking, I pinched her butt cheek and said, “Brat.”Instantly I thought I had gone a little too far, but realized she accepted my flirting and tease when she turned her face towards me and stuck out her tongue.Except for a couple of small areas to be sanded, all of the prep work was finished.  The walls were almost ready to accept their new identity.  The first room to be painted was the living room.  We had the radio on. She sang, shook her shoulders a little, and made her butt wiggle.  “Hey, I didn’t know you could dance,” I said while taking the lid off another gallon of paint.  “Not dancing, sweetheart, just grooving to the music!”  She called me sweetheart.  I had never been called that and I liked it.  After another hour of painting, I asked what she would like to eat for dinner.  “I will eat anything you offer!”  “Pizza,” I yelled. “Sounds great!”  I called and ordered the pizza then heard a squeak and an “Oh, nooo!”   I turned the corner and saw her standing, head bowed, with paint all over her hair, arms, and shirt.  “Well, helloooooo nurse,”  I said with a chuckle after I grabbed some towels.  I handed her a towel and helped with wiping some of the paint that had traveled to her back.  “What happened?”  I asked.  “I stepped on the ladder to reach that corner with the brush and the paint container tipped as I tried to balance, and then, well, here you go.”  I had to chuckle as I wiped the dripping goop off of her.  “How about we call it quits on the painting?  We'll get you cleaned up and then, pizza?”   “Sounds good.  I will be right back,”  she said as she exited the front door.  Man, I really need to learn how to flirt, I thought as I cleaned up the painting supplies.  After the pizza arrived, I carried it to the kitchen and placed the boxes on the counter when I heard, “Yum!”  She stood behind me in a well worn oversized shirt with a few holes worn through, yoga pants, and flip flops.  She held a towel and was still squeezing and dabbing her damp hair.  She came over next to me and bumped me with her hip and said, “The door was still open.  I hope you don’t mind that I just walked in.  Hey, don’t hog it all, my Sir.”  She reached over to pick up a breadstick and dipped it in the cheese.  Did she just say, 'my Sir?'  At the firehouse, I use the word 'Sir' many times a day.  It is a word to show respect and authority.  But she said, “My Sir.”  I leaned against the kitchen island after crossing my arms and watched her.  After she took a bite of the breadstick, she turned and faced me.  A little cheese had decided to take refuge on her chin.  I walked over to her, raised my hand, and wiped the cheese off of her chin with my thumb.  My eyes never left hers.  I needed to find out how far she wanted to take the “Sir” statement.“The cheese must be mad at me,” I said in a low husky voice then licked the cheese off of my thumb.  “Mad at you?”  When I had stepped over I made sure we had very little room between us.  I wanted to be close to her, I needed to be close.  With my other arm, I reached around her and grabbed a breadstick for myself and then stepped back to lean against the kitchen island.  I folded my arms and placed the breadstick near my mouth, then aimed it towards her.“Yes, mad.  It was close to your lips and I just took it away,”  I said with a wink.  “Would you like something to drink?” “Water, please,”  she whispered.  I tried to control a part of me I did not wish her to meet yet, but, that changed when she returned and walked directly into my house with her wet hair.A woman with wet hair had always been a turn-on for me.  When she walked in with wet hair and dressed comfortably, I felt my hormones kick into overdrive.I knew I wanted her, needed her, and I was going to have her.  I purposely looked directly into her eyes with every movement that I made.  I noticed she would look away or keep eye contact for a second but divert her eyes when she would see my little smirk.I was going to own her.  She was going to realize what it meant for me to be her Sir.  I had no idea if she said “My Sir” flippantly or if she meant what she said.  But, I was not going to play the shy type guy too much longer.  The fire within had been stoked and her presence was the fuel needed to feed that fire.After handing her the water I stood next to her and took a drink out of my bottle.  “Well, Picasso, what is the next step in painting?  Due to the fact that you like to wear paint, should I try to finish this project on my own?”  She stood there with a half-eaten breadstick and looked up at me for a second then turned away.  “Well, um, I could come over tomorrow and finish for you, if you want?”  I stood for a few seconds without saying a word, put the lid back on my water then turned to face her.  “If you really would like to finish while I am at work, I will give you a key.  I am only saying yes because you are so quick and good at painting.  And I trust you.”  “Oh, you trust me, do you?”  She asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on her face as she took another bite of her breadstick.  Her sassiness had clearly returned.After another drink of water, she then pointed her breadstick at me and said,  “So, do you have secret firefighter stuff here and don’t trust anybody because they may sell it on eBay or something?”  I let out a little chuckle, “No, nothing like that.  It is just, I take trust very seriously.  You will be in my home when I am not here.  So, I am trusting you with my home.”  We ate a couple of pieces of pizza while standing in the kitchen and enjoyed a little small talk.  I asked if she wanted to watch a movie and end the evening without a paint spill.  She said she would love to and I held out my hand.  Surprisingly she took it and we went into the living room and sat on the sofa.  After agreeing on a movie, I moved to the corner of the couch, and without really thinking I said, “Come here.”  I had put my hands on her waist and pulled her between my legs.  Without protest, she moved in a position where she was reclining with her back on the couch.  She had her shoulder tucked between me and the couch and her head on my chest.  My right arm rested on her right hip and my left held her hand as is wrapped around her and rested on her tummy.  As the movie played I lowered my lips to the top of her head and asked, “Are you comfortable sitting like this?”  She responded w
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ith, “un huh,” and tucked in a little tighter and bent her right knee up the back of the couch.  “Now I am really comfortable,” she purred.  “Can I kiss you?” I asked in a low, almost inaudible whisper.  Not thinking she heard me I lowered even closer to kiss her on the top of her head.  But she moved slightly and once again replied, “un huh,” and tilted her head back and offered me her lips.I took them.  I started with a little peck.  But I was hungry, starving for the feel of a woman.  I kissed her again, then again.  I pulled away to look at her face and her eyes were looking into mine.  I saw hunger too, a need.  I  took my tongue and lightly went across her upper lip.  I opened my lips slightly and took her bottom lip and sucked on it gently then released it.  When she adjusted herself, after I asked if she was comfortable, my hand had moved from her hip to her inner thigh due to her position.  I dove in for a deep, long, and passionate kiss while gripping her inner thigh with my hand.  I pulled her into me and released enough to move my hand a little farther down.  She repositioned herself yet again and my hand was directly on her slit.  Her yoga pants were wet as I massaged her, causing the wet spot to grow.  Our kissing was deep.  I kissed her neck, her cheek then back to her mouth.  The whole time rubbing her and finding her hardened clit.  I circled it with my middle finger through her pants as she made slight thrusts with her hips.She moved my left hand under her shirt.  Her nipples were hard and enjoyed all of the attention I gave them.  I would hear a moan as I gave a slight pinch and a pull.  She released another deep moan as I cupped my hand over her right breast and squeezed her into me.  Suddenly, she pulled away and sat up.  With tousled hair, she stared at me with a hungry look in her eyes.  “I am sorry, I, um, well I should go put the pizza away for you.”  She stood up and moved her hands down her side like she was trying to straighten out a dress or skirt then disappeared into the kitchen.  I got up, adjusted my hardness so I could walk comfortably, and followed her to the kitchen.  Her back was to me as I came up behind her.  I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me.  I felt her relax and put her arms on mine.  She tilted her head back to my chest and let out a sigh.  I leaned in, lowered my head, and said, “I didn’t apologize.”  I felt her tense up in my hands and heard her mutter an “oh god” as I tightened my grip, and turned her to face the kitchen island.  I had taken my left hand and grabbed her hair and pushed her head down over the sink.  My right hand found a hole in her shirt and pulled.  The tearing sound, along with my force, caused a shiver to go through her body.  I could feel it due to me pressing up against her at the same time spreading her feet apart with mine.I heard an, “oh yes,” reverberate due to her head being forced in the sink.  I pushed in towards her and told her not to move. “Yes Sir,” her bellow was amplified because of the sink.   “You had better be a good girl,” I said as I stepped back.She turned her head and looked at me with a slight smile.SMACK!The impact was a sharp sound as my hand landed firmly on her right butt cheek.”Oh,” she exclaimed as she flinched.  “What did I do?”  “You moved.”  Her nipples became tight, hard mounds of dark flesh as they barely touched the edge of the cold metal sink.  Hard and round they hung like droplets of lust waiting to be licked, pinched, and flicked.  She turned her head and SMACK on the left butt cheek.  “I am sorry, Sir, I am so sorry!”  Without saying a word, I stood behind her and put my left hand at the top of her yoga pants.  She gave a slight gasp as I flicked open my knife.  I took the back of the blade and allowed it to travel from her shoulder blades to the top of her yoga pants.  I watched the blade rise and fall as it rode over each vertebra.  I reached the pants,  pulled them away from her skin, and turned the sharp blade over. As if on its own accord, it began to make a sharp and clean slice down the pants.  Once I reached the crotch area, I put the knife on the island next to her head.  I kneeled and took both sides of the pants in my hands and pulled them down past her knees.  I looked up and saw she was wet down both sides of her thighs.  I stood up and backed away to observe the work of art before me.  As I unzipped, I saw a small rivulet of wetness travel down her inner leg.  My hard cock, throbbing with the tension built up from watching her through the window, entered her with such force that my house filled with a resounding YEEESSSSS!  The amplification from the sink not only reverberated throughout my house but infiltrated my head and latched onto my soul.  One hand pulled her hair, the other gripped onto her thigh, I began to claim what was mine.  If the kitchen island wasn’t bolted to the floor, it would have been pushed up against the wall with the amount of force I was using to go as deep into her as possible.  I then heard, “I’m cumming," and at that time I opened my pent up lust into her.  She collapsed onto the island while I stood and kept myself inside of her with my hands on her hips.  I then leaned forward slightly and began to rub her shoulders, down her back to the top of her cheeks then back up again.  Loving and gentle strokes, up and down, back and forth.  I helped her stand up and turned her around.  Embracing her while she looked up into my eyes, I kissed her again.  “You ripped and cut my clothes,”  she said with a slight giggle and a twinkle in her eyes.  “I don’t apologize about that either,” I said as I kissed her again.  She then brought her head into my chest and hugged me.  “Thank you, Sir.”  She hugged me tighter.  I pulled away and kneeled in front of her.  She slipped one foot out of the leg part of what was left of her yoga pants.  After her other leg was freed, I stood up and kissed her again.  “Can I as you a question, Sir?”  “Of course, you can ask,”  I stepped back while holding her hands.  “Could you see me through your window when I played?  I didn’t know if you could, but I really wanted you to.  I wanted to make you happy and be pleased with me.  I wanted that the first time I saw you look at the house.” “I could see you.  I opened the slat on my blind and watched you.”She released a satisfying sigh as she hugged into my chest.“It is shower time, honey.  Let’s go get cleaned up.”  “But, I don’t have anything to wear after the shower,” she said as she stopped and dropped my hand on the way to the master bath.  “Who said you will need to wear anything?  We just warmed up love.  Plus, next time, you do not cum until I say.”  I saw the blood drain from her lips, her breath gasped, and a large smile form on her mouth.  “Yes, Sir."The next morning I woke up at my normal 4:45 am.  It was a night of little sleep, but when I did wake up, a smile was on my face.I kissed her on the forehead then got out of bed.  She grabbed my pillow and snuggled into it.“It is too early to get up,”  she said as she lifted the blankets up to her chin.

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