Sexy Ebony Girl Fucked In A Pool With Black Ass

Sexy Ebony Girl Fucked In A Pool With Black Ass

….Tyler leads me out of the club, my cock still dripping. As we approach the exit, Tyler slows down and makes me walk in front of him. At first I don't understand why, but then I feel his cock pressing against my ass and all becomes clear. I slow down, give my ass a little grind into his crotch, and we step out into the night, with Tyler's hands around my waste and his cock digging into my ass. The cool air against my naked cock makes me gasp. I'd momentarily forgotten that Tyler had ripped my underwear off me in the club. Outside the club is a line of taxi cabs. We approach the one at the front, negotiate a price and get in. I sit in the middle seat, and Tyler enters behind me and slams the door. The taxi pulls away from the club. I lean back in the padded seat, place one heeled shoe in the space between the two front seats, and look over at Tyler. “That was incredible,” I whisper. “My cock is still tingling.” I open my legs, and sit with the warm breeze from the heaters blowing up my skirt, caressing my exposed balls. I feel a slight cooling sensation on my thigh, as the cum left there from earlier evaporates. I place a hand on Tyler's thigh, and rub my hand up and down it. Not quite reaching his cock. Just a light bit of teasing for him. I lean in closer to him, my lips right against his ear. I breathe into it, and feel him shudder. “I'm gonna let you fuck me silly,” I say, and bite his earlobe. My hand finds its way between his legs, I grab his swollen cock, and squeeze... hard. He lets out a slight gasp. He turns to me and gives me a slight smirk, barely visible in the dark, but the sheer sexiness of it shines like a deep, burning ember. He turns back to the front of the car, still smiling. I kiss his cheek, very lightly, before grabbing his chin and turning his face towards me again. I move my lips to his until they are millimetres apart, occasionally touching. I let my tongue slowly leave my mouth, and allow it to dance along his lips. Tyler opens his mouth, and my tongue delicately burrows between his teeth. Tyler's tongue meets mine, and they begin a slow and deliberate dance together. I continue to lightly squeeze Tyler's cock. I alter my position, hooking my left leg around Tyler's right. The move exposes most of my left thigh, but I'm beyond caring about what the driver can see. With a practised movement, I undo the button of Tyler's jeans, and slowly undo the fly. My hand slides under his boxer's and grabs his cock. There's an impressive build up of pre-cum. Tyler moans into my my mouth. “Mmmmm... Shaye,” he gasps. Our kissing becomes more intense as I slowly jerk his cock. The sensation of his pulsing cock in my hand instantly causes my own to stir again. I grind myself against Tyler, providing all the stimulation my cock needs to get fully erect again. Tyler's hand grabs handfuls of my thigh, which he squeezes and massages as he works his hand greedily along my leg. “Straddle me,” Tyler whispers. I shoot a quick glance at the driver. “Don't worry about him,” he says, sliding his hand under my skirt to grab my ass check. “He's a taxi driver who works from a gay club, he's gotta expect things like this in his back seats!” I can't argue with the logic. In fact, I had even once had an unexpected threesome with a guy and the taxi driver before now. That certainly won't be happening tonight; tonight is just for Tyler and me. But my concern was not really of the taxi driver. I didn't want my first fuck with Tyler to be in the back of a taxi, where however passionate it might be, it would undoubtedly be rushed and awkward. Not to mention slightly painful. Tyler certainly wasn't the biggest cock that had been inside me, but it was big enough, and would definitely require more than a little spit to lube up. “Baby,” I say, squeezing his cock again. It feels sooooo good in my hand. “I don't want to fuck you in the back of a taxi.”  He gives me one of those delicious smirks again, raising one eyebrow slightly. Fuck, I need him inside me. “Who said anything about fucking?” he asks. “I just want to feel your weight on top of me.” I flash him a smirk of my own, unbuckle my seatbelt, and move over the space to my left. Tyler slides into the middle seat. He then does something slightly unexpected, but something that turns me on no end. He begins to lower his jeans and boxers. Not all the way, just until his cock and balls are exposed. It may be dark in the taxi, but this is my first look at Tyler's cock. It looks incredible, even in the gloom of the car. It has a slight curve to it, and the bulbous head is clearly defined, I fucking love a good shapely head on a cock. And that curve...that curve is going to reach all the right places... “Come here,” he says. I don't need to be told a second time. I lift one leg over him and slowly lower myself into his lap. This causes my skirt to hitch up and gather at my hips, completely exposing my ass. Tyler capitalizes on this and promptly grabs by ass with both hands. I straddle above him for a few seconds, looking into his deep, warm eyes. I know that, a matter of centimetres away from my fully erect and naked cock, is Tyler's cock; also fully erect and naked. Throbbing and hard and probably leaking a little, just like mine. I kiss him and lower myself down all the way Our hard cocks touch. My own cock twitches a little in response, my tongue swirling around Tyler's mouth. We each moan and whimper, breathing for each other as I begin to grind my hips. My cock slides over Tyler's. Our balls squeeze together. Tyler rubs his hand under my shirt and along my spine. The pressure of his hand is firm, as he kneads the skin between my vertebrae. With his other hand, he lightly traces a finger up and down the length of my ass crack. He doesn't pay any particular attention to my hole, but each time his finger slides over my it my whole body tingles. I break from our kiss and sit up, looking down on Tyler. I reach under my skirt and grab mine and Tyler's cock in my right hand. I begin to slowly jerk them both, whilst lightly grinding my my hip. I grab the interior handle of the car with my left hand and arch my back; my head tilted all the way back and my eyes closed. I squeeze our cocks together hard as I jerk them. I can literally feel Tyler's pulse in my own cock, as he can no doubt feel mine. Before I can stop it, a moan escapes my lips. Tyler slips a hand under my shirt and runs it along my stomach. He reaches my breast and squeezes the nipple. Another moan escapes me, this one originating from somewhere deeper in my throat. The temptation to just slide him inside me is unbelievable. But I don't. We spend the entire journey with me slowly jerking us both in the back of the taxi. As we approach my house, I slide off him. Tyler zips up his pants, hiding his ragingly hard cock, and we both step out of the taxi. We walk quickly across my garden, partly because we are both obviously very eager to get down to business, but mostly because the neighbours don't take too kindly to seeing two people walking around with erections. Especially when one of those erections is quite noticeably bulging through a tight skirt. We get to the door, I fumble with the key for a few seconds, before we step inside. Tyler shuts the door behind him, and I turn around to meet him. I walk straight towards him and bury my mouth in his. I push him against the front door, and press my body against him. I slip my shoes off and begin to unbutton his shirt. “I hope you don't mind if I skip the wine and pleasantries?” I say. My breathing has become heavy, and I'm shaking slightly. My hands don't want to work, and I struggle to undo the buttons on his shirt. Tyler sees my dilemma and undoes the buttons himself. He unbuttons half of them before sliding the shirt over his head. His body is toned and almost hairless. His muscles aren't big, but they are all well defined. I take my own shirt off and walk backwards towards my stairs. He follows me, and we begin to kiss again, my breasts against his bare chest. I walk up the stairs backwards, clawing every inch of his back as I do. We enter my bedroom and I sit on my bed. Tyler stands just inside the doorway. I lie down and slide my skirt down my legs, lifting my ass up as I do. The top of my skirt catches on my cock as I pull it down, causing it spring free and thwack against my belly. I support myself on one elbow for a second, and look at Tyler. I take my cock in my hand and slowly begin to jerk it for him, lightly grinding my hips. He watches with intense fascination. I stop my little show, stand up and walk towards him. I unbutton his trousers and they drop, leaving his boxers in place. I kiss his chest, taking a nipple in my mouth and lightly biting it. “Mmmmm,” he moans. I kiss down his torso, stopping to lick his belly button, before squatting down in front of his cock. I gently kiss the bulge through the fabric of his underwear. There is a dark, wet patch on the fabric where his cock has leaked. I run my tongue over the damp spot, before grabbing the waste band, and slowly... very slowly... easing his boxers down. I can sense Tyler's anticipation as his cock is slowly revealed to me for the first time. He is completely shaved, including the balls. It throbs and sways gently, the veins pulsing along the entire shaft. It glistens slightly from the pre cum which has rubbed onto it. I grab his cock by the base and squeeze it firmly. Tyler gasps. I run my hand right along the shaft, squeezing along the length. A large drop of clear liquid is emerges from the tip. “Ohhhh.” His moan is barely audible as I lick the head of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. I swirl my tongue around the head, occasionally licking his hole. With my right hand I begin to jerk his shaft. “Fuck, that's good.” He puts his hand on the back of my head and I feel a gentle pressure excreted there. Knowing what he wants, I take him all the way down. The suddenness of my movement causes Tyler to convulse. His cock twitches and causes me to gag slightly as it hits my throat, but I recover quickly. I begin taking him in and out of my throat, pulling back until his cock is almost out of my mouth, allowing my tongue to swirl around the head, before taking him all the way down again. I cup his balls in my hand, gently massaging them. I savour the combination of his soft balls and hard cock as I deep-throat him. I move my free hand between my own legs. I don't need to touch my cock to know that it is like a stick of porcelain. Instead of grabbing my cock, I place a finger lightly against my ass-hole and begin to apply pressure in circles. This is why I squat rather than kneel when giving a blowjob; it allows me to play with my ass. I take Tyler's cock out of my mouth, and kiss along the shaft. I take one of his balls in my mouth and suck it, enjoying the slightly salty taste of sweat. I apply firmer pressure to my ass-hole, and my finger slips inside. I thrust my finger in and out of my ass. I experimentally touch my prostate. A jolt of pleasure surges through my cock. I let out a grunt. Better leave that alone for now. I don't wanna end up shooting a load right here. I continu
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e fingering my ass, keeping away from my prostate. I feel it loosening, ready to take him. My tongue returns to Tyler's pulsating shaft, before taking the head in my mouth and sucking on it as hard as I can. I again squeeze the length of his shaft, and another drop of pre cum leaks into my mouth. “Wait, baby,” he says, “I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that.” He pulls his cock out of my mouth, and stands me up. He puts his hand around my waste and pulls me close. Our cocks touch. “Where do you keep the lubricant?” he asks with a smile. “In there,” I say, pointing at my bedside table, “within easy reach, for those horny morning alone!” He squeezes my ass before rubbing a finger down the crack, harder this time than he did in the taxi. His finger stops against my hole and I grind against it, allowing the very tip of his finger into my ass. “I've already fingered you once tonight, Shaye,” he says. “I think it's time I fucked you. Go over to the bed. Get the lube.” I turn around and saunter over to the bed, exaggerating my hip wiggle as I go. I slowly crawl over the bed to the table, giving Tyler a perfect view of my ass. He can't see my cock because it is too hard to hang down (it's almost parallel with my stomach), but he has a view of my ass and balls hanging down. I reach into the draw and pull out the half empty bottle of lube. I turn to face him. “Lie down,” he says. He has his cock in his hand and is slowly jerking it. I obey. I lie down on the bed, leaning against the headboard. I open my legs wide. Tyler strokes himself a little faster. I bite my lip and squirt a dollop of lube into my hand. I rub it into my breasts, closing my eyes and arching my back as I do. My hands move in circles, covering my breasts in shiny, oily liquid. I moan for Tyler. I squirt more of the oily lube onto my stomach, before rubbing it in. My cock throbbing all the while. “Play with your ass,” Tyler says. I adjust my position until I'm lying almost, but not quite, flat on my back. I curl both my legs up until they are almost resting on each shoulder. Tyler looks straight at me as I apply lube to my fingers and rub it into my ass-hole. I don't penetrate it yet, I just circle. I take my cock in my hand and slowly begin to stroke it, pointing the head directly at Tyler. I moan again. My fingers enter my ass, both at the same time. I push them in as far as they can go. My cock jumps in my hand. Tyler walks towards me. “You're beautiful,” he says. He crawls over the bed towards me. His deep, dark eyes focused deeply into mine. He crawls between my legs and kisses me. He lowers his body and our cocks entangle again. My fingers work inside my ass. I'm in heaven. Tyler grabs the wrist the hand that is fingering my ass. He slowly pulls my fingers out. Still kissing me, he puts his own finger against my ass and gently eases it inside, and slowly thrusts it in and out. “Mmmmm,” I breathe. He begins to kiss my neck and nibble on my earlobe. He adjusts his finger and, with expert precision, digs it deep into my prostate. “Baby... Sto-... That's too... ooooohhhhh.” He ignores my protests, and I succumb to the pleasures. I grind with his fingers, our cocks occasionally touching. I link my hands around his back and lie there, almost helpless. My eyes close and my breathing gets deep and relaxed. My chest heaving. My cock tingling. “Are you ready for me?” He whispers in my ear. “Mmmhmmm,” I've been ready for him for months. He slides his fingers from my ass. He takes the lube and smears it liberally over his cock. I reach out and take his cock in my hand, rubbing the length of it a few time and cupping his balls in my hand. I nod, letting him know I'm ready. He positions the head of his cock against my ass. It feels a lot bigger now it's resting there. I take a deep breath. “Are you ready?” he asks. I nod again. He slowly pushes his body down, and his cock presses harder against me. Initially, nothing happens. “Relax, honey. Let me in.” I take another deep breath, tense the muscles in my stomach, and push down through my ass. My sphincter relaxes and Tyler slips inside me. It's just the head that enters, but it enters quicker than either of us expected. “Ungh!” I gasp “Are you okay?” Rather than answer, I grab his ass and gently pull him in towards me. He gets the massage and pushes himself. He slides into me, inch by orgasmic inch. The whole process takes a few minutes, but by the time his pubic bone is resting against mine, my cock has become like steel again. Tyler begins to thrust into me. As I expected, the curvature of his cock causes him to hit directly into my prostate. We kiss deeply and continuously. He begins to thrust deeper and faster. “Oh... oh... oh... ah... ah... ah...” The noises I make are involuntary, I couldn't stop them if I wanted to. My ass squeezes his cock. I look down and stare at my cock. The sight amazes me. As I watch, I can actually see pre cum being squeezed out of my cock each time Tyler thrusts into me. It collects in a pool on my stomach. I reach down and grab by cock. I don't rub it, I just squeeze it tight as Tyler fucks my prostate. I know if I rub it, I'll cum instantly. I link my legs behind Tyler and squeeze him deeper into me. I can feel sweat beading on his back. I let go of my cock and hold him tight. He looks down into my eyes, his stare fixed and passionate. I grab the back of his head and pull his face into mine, kissing him as hard and as fully as is possible. I bite his lips and suck his tongue. All the while he pounds me mercilessly, and the pleasure begins to build deep in my groin And builds... and builds... 'I'm gonna cum... fuuu-' “Stop!” I shout. Tyler stops. His cock buried to the hilt. He's panting. “What's wrong?” “I was gonna cum,” I say. I'm gasping heavily, concentrating hard on the sensations in my cock. I'm right on the edge. I don't know how, but I manage to hold the orgasm back. “So?” Tyler says. “I wanna ride you first. Take your cock out, very slowly.” He pulls out. The moment where he slides past my prostate nearly sends me back over the edge, but I tense my cock and manage to hold off. His cock leaves me with a sucking sound. “Lie down, baby,” I say. As he lies back on the bed, I take the bottle of lube and empty some onto his twitching cock. I massage it into his cock, first quite vigorously, but gradually slowing down until only my finger nails are lightly caressing his shaft. “Mmmmm,” he moans. “Ride me, baby.” I lift my leg over, and straddle him on my knees. I take his cock in my hand and guide it towards my ass. There's initially a little resistance again, but it slips in far easier this time. I slowly lower myself onto him, my cock staying hard the entire time, until my balls come to rest on his pubic bone. I slowly begin to gyrate my hips. I don't bounce up an down, just slowly begin to rock my hips back and forth. I lean back and place my hands on the bed, giving Tyler an unobstructed view of my swollen, pre-cum smeared cock. I gyrate faster. My body moves with a fluid wave like motion. Each time I grind forwards I thrust my hips up. The movements makes my cock buck and bounce around from side to side, hitting each thigh in turn. Tyler moves his hips in rhythm with mine, creating a perfect harmony between my ass and his cock. We keep this up for several minutes, until I am glistening in a sheen of sweat and my hair is plastered to my forehead. I begin to feel that deep pleasure building again. I slow down. “Sit up, baby,” I say. As he sits up, I bring my legs out from under me and link them behind his back so I'm sitting in his lap. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me into him, my breasts squeezing into his chest. My cock is squeezed against his and my belly. Our tongues dance again as I start to slowly rock my hips up and down. My cock rubs between us, creating sensations that I have never felt before. I rock faster and lean in closer, squeezing my cock tighter. Ohhhh... Jesus... fucking... Christ! I rock faster still. The pleasure increases in intensity until I can feel it coursing through my legs. My ass starts to clench. “I... I'm... gonna...” I begin, but the words are lost. “I can't... hold... back... much-longer.” “Let it go, baby. Cum for me.” Before he finishes his sentence I've reached the point of no return. I squeeze him as tight as I can, holding myself against him as my ass clenches around his cock. My cock is almost vibrating as my orgasm builds and builds. The pleasure is blinding. I'm usually a moaner when I cum, but this orgasm is different. No sound escapes my lips, I just slowly rock against Tyler, my breath escaping me in short gasps. I bite his shoulder as my orgasm hits its peak. After an eternity, all the orgasmic tension in the muscles in my groin and ass finally releases. I can feel my cock twitching against Tyler as spurts of cum are released. I still make no sound. My ass contracts with tremendous force around Tyler, pushing spurt after spurt of cum from me. I squeeze Tyler as my body writhes in his lap. My eyes are clenched so tight that tears have formed in the corners. I finally let out a long, deep, guttural moan that reverberates around the room. I feel a warm trickle of cum running down my shaft and collect at the base of my cock, around my balls. I lift my head from Tyler's shoulder. My body is still twitching as aftershock waves course through my groin. I lightly kiss him, and lay him back on the bed. I straddle him again, with my knees under me. I look down and see my cum smeared into his belly. “You wanna cum in my ass?” He doesn't answer. I can tell by the way his cock feels inside that he is on the verge. I lean forward until my breasts are on his chest and slowly begin to lift my ass up and down. I kiss him deeply. “Don't thrust, baby,” I say. “Let me pull the cum out of you.” The movement of my ass slows down. I lift up until his cock is nearly sliding out of my, then I slowly ease it all back inside. When he's all the way in I squeeze my ass around his cock and begin the process again, lifting up until he nearly slips out and then slowly taking him back inside. I don't speed up, even though I can see Tyler's frustration. I keep at that slow pace for minutes. I hear Tyler's breath quicken, and he moans in my ear. I kiss him, but I still don't speed up. He begins to gasp.He moans in my ear. I feel his cock harden inside me. “I'm gonna cum....” His cock grows, and Tyler squeezes his arms around me. Still, I do not speed up. Instead, I clench my ass as tight as I can. Squeezing him... squeezing... squeezing. Unnnnggghh!!” I feel his cock buck inside me as he cums. I squeeze him harder still as I feel his warm semen fill me. The walls of my ass contact, gathering his cum inside me. His body shakes beneath mine. “ one has every made me cum that way before,” he says. I kiss him again. I lift my ass until his cock slips out of me. Tyler's cum leaks from my ass. We lay there, each in an orgasmic afterglow. My head rests in his shoulder and he gently caresses my back with his fingertips. We don't move for half an hour.

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