Free Movie With Laura Andresan Fucked By Two Cocalari

Free Movie With Laura Andresan Fucked By Two Cocalari

  It was in the evening when Lina called me and invited for tea . I had been diligently craving for such an occasion , and the   boon was ultimately granted. This Sunday evening was going to be a memorable one. The weather was cloudy and I knew it was going to rain. I had to make it fast to her residence . The bike was pacing steadily when I arrived and knocked at the door. I had to wait when the door unlocked and Lina appeared. She was in a thin negligee . The black bra holding voluptuous breasts was almost   evident. Her smile was enthralling as she let me in. a fair lady was seated in the drawing room. ‘My Cousin Rina’. ‘She has arrived from Chennai   yesterday’, said Lina. ‘My parents are out to attend a marriage ceremony and will return day after tomorrow’, she added. We were engaged in   talking while Rina was preparing tea and sandwich for us. Lina was shorter than her cousin but had well developed curves and robust thighs as was evident. She rose and locked the door from inside. ‘is it raining?’ , I asked. ‘Why … Hurry?’ she said. ‘No, but must return’. ‘Ok’, her voice seemed to be drowned. She stood and went   to the kitchen. I followed her. My eyes were fixed on the swaying hips. The aroma in the kitchen was catching. Outside it started raining heavily. The melody of downpour could be judged as natures one of the best creations but not when compared with   Lina and Rina. Knowingly I rubbed my arms lightly across her breasts pretending to closely see things being cooked. I knew my intentions could be deciphered. Rina was unaware of the fact but Lina had the insight. Ultimately the things were prepared and ready to be served. I was helping them to carry edibles in the drawing room where we were supposed to sit and watch TV. together.                   Rina sat besides me and   was wearing white shorts and a dark red shirt and had left top two buttons loose. Her legs were perfectly curved and   hips bulging. The boobs were well curved and no less than 34c. The cleavage was not quite obvious.   I was offered a cup of coffee and sandwich which we sipped and chatted. Lina   got up and switched on the TV. before being seated besides me on the right. Slowly we got into discussing male and female relationship and its feasibility. The western culture its implications. The party continued amidst short giggles and few remarks . Then suddenly   my eyes caught the film rolling. It was a semi blue film telecast. I looked at Lina who seemed least bothered as did Rina fore none ventured to change the channel.   My pant started tenting up as the rod stiffened. I couldn’t dare hide them with the hands and it was quite obvious. I could feel fingers run in my hair. Without raising my eyes I caught hold of the girl behind and forced her   to sit on my lap. Yes ,it was the charming Lina. I couldn’t   resist   her lips. ‘Mmmmmmm ‘ they were real juicy. My right hand was exploring her body above waist while the left one caressed her thighs. Our lips were locked firmly . Her gasps made me more horny. My tongue was busy discovering each and every corner of her mouth. I could feel my strength escalating when unknowingly my fingers lifted the negligee above the head and left the bra bare. The bra was tightly clung to the breasts . Lina reached back, unsnapped the bra. With her hands she slid the straps from her shoulders and slipped it off from in front. Now she was topless and I leaned closer to see. My hands held her two very enormous breasts, fair like her skin, nipples red with her arousal. I pinched her flesh and   moaned in delight and caressed it lovingly with my hand. I licked those pink tender cherries and lowered my lips to nurse on her swollen nipple. Her eyes were closed, head was flung   back with moans emanating, ‘mmm … …loveeelyyy’, she continued to moan. Her moaning made me more and more horny as I tasted both 38C sized balls one after another. ‘GGGREAATTT…CUMMMM ON   DO IT MORRRE…..’ ,she muttered. My speed gained momentum as did her moans making the atmosphere more sexy. ‘ooohh, Lina you are marvelous I love them…….’ I almost shouted. ‘I know, you like them. She murmured with half closed eyes. ‘You had your eyes on them since long didn’t you?’ I didn’t answer   and was in no mood to be distracted. Rina slowly ran her hands over my shoulders and chest, then down the abs. She reached around the waist,   took   hold of   the jeans . With one abrupt motion she yanked down jeans and underwear. My   dick sprung to attention. Rina removed her own top, revealing her cute tits, the cutest of the tits I had ever seen. I was now stark naked in front of them with my cock standing hard   and the testis drawn towards the belly due to the contracted cremaster. She kneeled down on the carpet and started to ascend my thighs with a long agile tongue. The electrical impulses flashed and blocked my thought processes. I could think nothing but only feel the ecstasy build deep inside the belly. I sat on the chair with the thighs apart and full aching erection, the cock’ s pink cap was tense with the metallic sheen on, raising its head towards the ceiling. I was almost brutally feeding on Lina’s huge balls changing sides , my right hand was busy kneading the right breast while the left one eventually landed upon her belly button, encircling it and descending along the midline to reach the panties. Fingers curved on her waist line and reached the bum. She was responding by moans as I pinched on her buttocks, separating the G-string to one side. Her panty was wet with the vaginal juices which were pouring constantly. Meanwhile Rina was doing wonders down below. Her frantic lick was driving me crazy. One of her hands was slowly jerking my erect   9 inch cock. Her lips had discovered my balls. I could feel the warmth of her mouth on my balls. The blood was surging in the vascular sinuses of the cock and made it rocky hard. I could see my balls totally engulfed and could feel the impulse run along the carotids reaching my brain. My torso was jerking in ecstasy and the vibrations transmitted to the chair which was making a rattling noise off and on. Lina’s thong by this time had fallen apart and my fingers were caressing her pink and erectile tissue. Her moans were constantly building up and were almost continuous. Lina eyed me as I rubbed her under neath. Oh my god, oh my god … I felt her pubic hair. Her vaginal juice smeared across my fingertips and was smelling GRRRrate. I felt her crack. Parted the Labial folds
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and the skin. I was near the entrance, it was Lina’s vagina.My fingers climbed even more between her legs and now Lina jolted and her hips jiggled. The quiver of her bums could be felt distinctly on my palm. “My god,” she breathed. “Yes. That’s … that’s it.” I rubbed her pussy ,her   torso quivered,   I palmed her breast, pinching her erect nipples. ‘AAHHHH………mmmmmmmmm ‘, heavens , heavens’ she moaned loudly. Rina was by now doing tremendous things to me. She had taken the whole 9 inches rod down to her throat and was sucking frantically, licking my meat up and down. Her tongue was doing magic to the pink cap of the cock. It was now difficult to control. My muscles tensed, cremaster contracted and the abs tightened to pump out thick load of cum filling Rina’s mouth completely which she gulped in no time. She was holding both my hips   pushing her face against the pubic hair, locking the dick with her lips. My dick had started growing limp. All of us were very horny and badly sweating. ‘Let’s take a break’, I announced. The girls were in no mood but   agreed. We decided to have coffee in the bed room. Lina’s bedroom was well lit and furnished. The bed lay neatly at the center and huge mirrors faced from all the four sides. I fell on the bed with half of my torso and legs touching the floor. All of us were stark nacked. Lina moved ahead to switch on the A.C. Her swaying hips drove me crazy. As she stooped to pickup the remote the mere glimpse of love diamond between the back of her robust thighs pumped enough blood to trigger my erection. Rina ran down to the kitchen with gyrating breasts and rhythmically oscillating hips to get coffee for us. Lina jumped besides me her breasts hitting the bed linen. My cock by now had started raising its head. She wrapped her hand around my penis and I turned with her as she squeezed it, wringing her fingers about it, and then spoke. ‘what do you like in me’? ‘I don’t wan’ t to lose anything’. ‘You as a whole turn me on’. I replied . She raised and kissed me on the lips.       After   we got refreshed. Rina had shut the door and almost threw herself on the bed. Her cute little breasts gyrated and came to stand still. ‘Rina has a beautiful fold near umbilicus’, muttered Lina. Her belly quivered as my finger touched the belly button. Bending forward I touched her bare belly with my nose. The fragrance was exotic. My palm lay on her bare belly, fingers crawling up in a mood to tease. I decided to give her a lick. My tongue started on it’s journey, encircling the belly button. Moans started coming, ‘MMMMMM………………….AAAHHHHHHHH’. ‘I love itt’. Her shiny belly skin was alluring and sending constant tickles down my balls. Lina was feeding lavishly on Rina’s breast. Her nipples were standing taught and the perfectly shaped boobs seemed to enlarge. I descended down reaching apex of the vulva . the hair here was trimmed in an orderly fashion. I placed my fingers on her delicate pussy lips, and tongue was searching for the pink button. My touch stimulated her sweet young flesh. Her lips were gently parted and the hidden treasure discovered. I buried my nose in moist cleft and started doing wonders with the tongue on the folds of her pussy licking the peak of sex cliff. ‘oooooo……hhhhhh..’   she started jolting. She was enjoying my moves , gave more room to my licking,   parting   her legs and helping me to devour her completely. My moves turned   ferocious, her sex button was getting soar. ‘HAAAAA…………………….HAAAAAAAAAA’, the moans were louder than usual. By this time the neighbors would have known   about the nature of act going on. She was literally panting which grew harder. Her left fist clenching Lina’s breasts which were brutally squeezed out of ecstasy. And the right one had almost lifted the bed sheet leaving indelible marks of sexual excitement. Her hips lifted up suddenly pushing my face up in air. ‘EEEAAAHHHHH……………… ‘, she exploded   and jerked violently. The bed was wet with the pussy juice. I turned her on the belly and climbed her back, meanwhile Lina also climbed putting her full weight on me and deliberately sandwiching me. My rock hard dick was now buried in between the hip clefts of Rina. My hips started churning rhythmically moving the rock hard tool too and fro deep in the confines of her bum. Sensation of Lina’s heavy boobs and the nipple prick on my back had aroused me to maximum . Both the hands were on the bed supporting the torso to avoid putting full weight on Rina. In between the act sometimes I used to squeeze her breasts for maximum pleasure. . I decided to change positions I went up on my knees while a huge engorged piece of meat dangled in between my thighs . My tongue went frantically to   locate and lick the hot spot with wrinkles. I couldn’t resist parting the buttock folds   , the emanating   fishy   fragrance strengthened my erection which was now rock hard and irresistible. My senses were shrouded as I could think about nothing but sex and only sex. Lina’s tongue was voraciously feeding on my balls. I could feel her warm and rapid breaths at the anus. I passed my open hands beneath Rina’s   breasts slowly kneading and pinching her tits. ‘Mmmmmm……’the moans made me hornier. I could see the rugosed skin relax with each lick. Slowly the ring loosened and the anal wall seemed prominent. It was at this point that the receptacle was ready to take my dick. I slowly guided my piece of hard meat in. Rina cried in ecstacy. The piston moved in and out with thin rectal skin proceeding and receding on the cock. Lina was licking her pussy down below adding to the pleasure. i suddenly pulled out my prick and pushed into the steaming pussy. Rina gruntled as she was not prepared for this unusual move. Now I was fucking straight into her wet pussy.   The hips continued to move till I reached the point of no return and exploded a huge load of cum deep into the pussy confines . The very next moment Rina’s body jerked   and she came for the second time. Both of us were tired but eventually satisfied. I lay flat on the bed with the cock fallen limp, legs wide apart.   My eyes were shut.   Suddenly there was a knock at the door. All of us were stunned. Who could be at this hour? We got up and dressed hurriedly. Lina went to the door.   Friends we don’t know what will happen at the door. We have no option except to wait. Bye till then. Don’t forget sending feedbacks at      

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